Monday, June 13, 2016

Most Memorable Experiences

I have had an abundance of highly memorable experiences and assignments throughout my time in this class this semester. I think one of my favorite themes that was woven into multiple assignments is the idea of identity. One of my favorite, most memorable assignments that incorporated the idea of identity is the Burning House Project. First, I found the whole concept to be very interesting and it really got me thinking. Having the opportunity to see what other people would bring was very fascinating, because it gives you a glimpse into what is truly important to them, even though you don't know them at all. Seeing the examples online also gave a sense of change in the placement of importance on different things for different age groups. Children were simply concerned about grabbing their favorite toy, special blanket, and maybe their piggy bank. People in their twenties and thirties were more practical and often materialistic, grabbing everything worth the most value in terms of money, rather than sentimental, emotional, or memorable value. Lastly, the people of the older generations were generally the ones who based what they would grab solely off of practical reasoning, bringing clothes, money, food, matches, etc. I thought that investigating this project and what different people would bring. In addition, I thought that it was very fun, but difficult, to try to compile and photograph my own list of what I would choose to grab if my house was burning down. This required deep thinking and self-reflection on what really are the most important things to me and what can be replaced.

My next most memorable experience in this class was the time we spent using photoshop. Going into this class, I had never used photoshop before, and I didn't know a single thing about it. Our first assignment that we had to do using photoshop, besides Photos With Quotes where we just added text, was levitation. I think that levitation was by far one of my favorite assignments because it allowed us to find ideas on pinterest, or other search locations, and find ideas that we could attempt to replicate. Seeing these images before, I would have never known how to even begin to go about making one, but after learning some of the basic tools, I was able to be inspired by the images I saw and make my own levitation images. Although you can tell my photos are fake because our minds don’t let us believe things that defy gravity, I still think they are very cool and I am very proud of the products. The next time we used photoshop was for forced perspective photography, another one of my favorite assignments. I think that I liked this assignment because it was very similar to the levitation photography in the sense that we were able to go on pinterest and find super cool ideas that we’ve probably seen floating around the internet sometimes, but never really knew how to do. As we were a bit more familiar with photoshop for this assignment than the levitation one, it was a lot less focused on learning all of the nit-picky “ins and outs” of photoshop and, rather, we could use all of our time creating our images. This assignment, too, tended to defy what our mind tells us is possible, which is one of the main reasons I liked it so much.

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