Monday, June 13, 2016

Assignment that I am the Most Proud of

I would say that the assignment that I am most proud of is my portrait photography. Through my research of portrait photographers for the Historical and Contemporary Photographers assignment, I learned that the purpose of a portrait should be to tell the story of a person or a scene. This should be the intention for all photographs, but with portrait photography, I think that it is even more important because you need to get across exactly how that person is feeling at the moment the image is being taken. This was one of my most successful photography assignments because I think it contains my best examples of capturing a moment, a strategy I have been working on all year. In addition, I think this assignment was very successful for me because I think it represents one of my largest varieties in subject. Oftentimes, when given a bi-weekly assignment, I photograph a few pictures a day for each of the days the assignment spans. This is not only a strategy to spread out the workload, but also because I often lack ideas and inspiration, and don’t know what I should photograph in order to meet the criteria beyond the few photos that had already taken for that day. With the portraits assignment, I didn’t feel at a lack of inspiration at all. Some people like to photograph landscapes, other like animals, and others like food, but my passion has always been in photographing people. By this, I do not mean that I live to stand behind the camera and push a button to capture 5 girls standing in a line with their arms around each other giving off a fake smile. Instead, I have always like to photograph people who aren’t looking or posing. I want to capture their personality and what it feels like to be around them using a photo. I feel as though I did that in this assignment, which is why I would consider it one of my most successful assignments this year in photo.

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