Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Who Am I

At first glance, my life seems as though I am just your standard 16 year old girl. During the week, I work hard in school, do my homework, and attend sports practice. On the weekends, I hang out with friends, sleep days away, and babysit for my neighbors. I live in a small town with my mom, dad, older brother, and dog. Pretty typical, right? Not as much as you'd think. What makes me individual among my peers is my perspective on life and what it means to have a successful life. To me, importance does not lie solely on sports or my grade in math class or, later in life, how much money I'm making and how big my house is, but rather on exposure, growth, and helping. Everywhere I go, I aspire to learn something. By this though, I do not mean memorize equations and timelines, I mean learn about people and cultures. In order to be accepting of everyone, you need to open yourself up to other peoples views, no matter how odd they seem to you.

My favorite thing to do both locally and internationally is help. I don't help people to build my reputation or to make people like me; I help because I crave the feeling it gives me inside. I am especially interested in working with and helping children. One of the reasons I love and spend so much time with children is because they have not developed filters yet, and their point of view is so pure and honest. When you ask them something, they will tell you exactly what they think based on what they have seen and learned in their lifetime. There is no concern of what other people will think of them or whether or not they should try to sugar coat something. In addition, every time I look into a child's eyes, I see so much potential. For them, the sky is the limit. They have so much time ahead of them to work hard and to shape their lives as they please. For the time being though, as they still are children, I love their happiness. They are stress-free. All they want is to have fun, and they can find a good time in everything they do. To me, children illustrate the joy that can be found in every single thing. Achieving that viewpoint to me, is success. Having an awareness of other ways of living is success. Helping others is success.

If my audience had never met me before and new nothing about me, I would want people to come away with a clear idea about all the important aspects of my life. I do not want people thinking my life revolves around sports, or around school, or around community service, or around family. To me, all of those things are extremely important, and I would not be who I am today without each of them. The general theme that I am aiming to communicate is how much other people have positively impacted my life and how much they mean to me. Personally, I hate being along and would prefer to spend every moment of my life with others. I want to show my love for other people, personalities, and cultures by including pictures and footage of my memories with all different people. I want to include a lot surrounding my friends and family, as they are probably the two most important things in my life, as well as my other interests such as sports and academics. 

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