Monday, May 2, 2016

Portrait Techniques

Capturing a moment:

When I take my photos for this assignment, I do not want to end up with a series of school pictures and mugshots. Instead, I aim to capture both moments and stories in my photographs. For example, the photograph above shows the loving relationship between what looks to be a father and his daughter. Captured is a moment of laughter and happiness, which portrays a much stronger message than if the young girl had just been sitting next to him as they both looked at the camera and smiled.


I really want to play around with my perspective in this assignment and veer away from the typical straight-on, eye level shot. The composition of this image is especially interesting because it helps show the life of the subject. The subject is surrounded by a laptop, books, magazines, and what looks to be a corner of a book bag, all suggesting they are a student. Had this image been taken from straight on, several of these things out not have been included which would take away from the theme/story of the image. In addition, there probably would have been a lot of empty wall space behind the subject. Using this perspective has also lets the space be used in a more effective way.

Focusing on Eyes & Framing:

While I can't say I am a huge fan of pictures that are an up close shot of a single eye, I think that the two images above are very powerful. Eyes are extremely telling. Whether they are open wide to show excitement or filled with tears showing sadness, you can deduce a lot about the persons character and emotion from their eyes. I would like to shoot some images with the main focus on peoples eyes, and I would like to make it obvious that that is the main focus of my image without getting too close by framing the eyes as the photographers of the photos above did.

Using Part of Face:

In the two images above, using only part of the subjects face was achieved in a very successful way and I aim to have that success as well. I think that one of the reasons the images work so well is that there is a lot of space in the direction that the subject is facing. This makes the view curious what the subject is looking at, which is especially shown in the bottom image. I will focus on leaving this space when I take my photographs too and make sure to not crop it too much because it would cut off the viewers curiosity surrounding what the subject is looking at. In addition, both of these images have very simple backgrounds which I think I will try for some of my images because I like the way it makes you put all of your focus on the subject, but I think that I will also include the background in some up my images that are inspired by the inclusion of only part of the face in these photos.

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