Sunday, May 8, 2016


Cindy Sherman:
Cindy Sherman is a highly famous portrait photographer, not for her photos of others, though. Rather, Cindy Sherman is famous for the photographs she takes of herself. Her photographs are not just "selfies" the way we think of them though: silly, spontaneous, humorous. Cindy Sherman uses herself as a way to share her commentary on a variety of issues of the modern world. A central theme in Sherman's work surrounds women and their role in various aspects of life. She has used the messages in her photographs to provoke thinking surrounding important questions about the role and representation of women in society and in the media. There is always a sense of mystery in Sherman's photographs about who she really is as an individual. It is said that each of her photographs are so unique and ambiguous that the viewer is left with more confusion than clarity over Sherman's true nature. Sherman has dabbled in photography that uses people other than herself as the subjects, but she has always resorted back to taking photos of herself, as that is how she portrays the strong message that she is passionate in spreading.

Brandon Stanton:
Brandon Stanton is nearly a household name at this point due to his fame as the photographer behind the blog, book, and Instagram page "Humans of New York".  Brandon Stanton does a spectacular job at capturing moments. One of the things that sets him apart from the thousands of other portrait photographers in the world is the fact that he is capturing moments in ordinary people's lives. His photos are not staged. His subjects are not dressed in a certain, intentional way. There is a very natural way about Stanton's methods. He simply approaches people on the streets of New York who are in the midst of living their day to day lives. Oftentimes, he gathers a quote from the subject as well which, when placed with the photo, helps add to the story that is being told through the image. Brandon Stanton is highly successful in not only taking amazing portraits, but in sharing the stories of some truly amazing people with unbelievable stories.

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