Monday, April 25, 2016

Landscapes and Architecture

The Path to Friendship

This path lay just a few streets down from my neighborhood. To most, it seems like just small field of grass accompanied by an old, wobbly fence. I seems like an access point to the muddy river and the picnic benches where couples go to watch sunsets and dogs go to splash. To me though, this is where I met one of my best friends. Several years ago, I was walking down this path with my brother and this dog and we encountered a girl about my age walking hers. We began some awkward smalltalk, nothing special, but all of the sudden, we saw a small snake, although it seemed huge and vicious at the time, slither out of the woods. We jumped onto the picnic table and attempted to pull our dogs up with us and screamed while grasping each other trying to save ourselves from the "frightening" creature. Since then, every time I go there, I always think of our friendship and how much I value it, and to this day it continues to be an atmosphere where I could go a relieve stress when I need to. To most, it is just a path, but to me, it is much more.

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