Sunday, April 10, 2016

Planning for Levitation Photographs

Through exploring Pinterest, among a few other websites, I have come across several ideas that have sparked ideas for what I am going to attempt in out unit on levitation photography. My first idea is featuring the same person twice. Most likely, there will be one image of them lying down and another one of the "floating" slighting above the first as if they are rising. In order for this to be effective, I think the the rising person should be a little bit translucent, which gives the effect that they are perhaps the persons ghost or spirit rising up.

Another idea I have considered is creating a person that is levitating, but also have objects floating around them. One idea that I have come across several time is having books floating around the person because if the book it open, it could potentially look very realistic. I also think it is very cook when people are interacting with other levitating objects. For example, I have seen many images that feature chairs in them. In some cases, the chairs are on the ground but tilted in very unnatural positions that defy gravity, while in other cases, the chairs are completely in the air.

My third idea I have for levitation photos is actually the first thing that came to my mind when the assignment was introduced: balloons. As should be very obvious, a person can not actually be lifted off their feet by a few balloons, or even dozens. Using photoshop though, it is possible to make it look like someone has been swept of their feet and is being carried by balloons. This though, could be a very simple picture so it could be escalated by having multiple places of the body being pulled up be the balloon as in the photo that follows. I really like this photo because the way she is laying looks like she is sleeping and has no control over her body or what is happening; all of the control lays in the hands of the balloons.

My last idea is using shadows to look like a hand is pulling someone up or holding them. I really like the look of these images because shadows don't have any mass or substance, so therefor they clearly don't have any strength. I think this fact helps add the the illusion. I also this that this image would be rather simple to create but would still look very interesting.

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