Monday, March 14, 2016

Shadow Photography

Create your own "shadow" photography using creativity and imagination.
Continue to practice the compositional strategies that you have learned.


To unplug
appears to some as a foreign concept.

To not be able to watch Netflix for one night
is seen as a tragedy.
Having to pick up a book?
 now that's a whole other story.
And having to write a paper by hand,
do our teachers hate us?!

Contrary to the popular belief
of the average American teenager,
unplugging is not a problem.
It is a solution.

We have become in love,
to our devises.

We can't run without music,
We can't sleep without TV,
We can't even think about surviving school 
without wikipedia
and the online thesaurus.

after years of chatting online
face-to-face encounters are

Technology has spoiled our relationships,
our independence and our common sense.
It had spoiled our lives.

Technology has taken us over
and we have let it.

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