Monday, March 28, 2016

Photos with Quotes

Experimenting with photoshop:

I believe that the two most important things I learned from out "Photos with Quotes" project were the proper placement of the quote and the font preferences that make the text on your image the most attractive and thematically fitting. The major thing I learned about the placement of quotes is that they should not simply be placed straight across the top, middle, or bottom. Instead, they should be positioned depending on the image, its subject, and the message you are trying to get across. For example, on the first image on this page of my two friends forming an infinity sign with their arms, I placed the text curved because it went with the curves of they arms, which, I thin, helped make the photo more visually appealing. In addition, to continue the curved theme, I used a curved font, which I also believed fit the quote because it is from a children's movie and I find the font rather childish. Also, I learned that when breaking up text, it should always be with intention rather than solely based on spacing, which can lead to choppiness when people read it. The second major thing I learned from this assignment was the importance of choosing a good size, font, and color for your text. As for size, it is very important that the quote itself is readable and the size makes sense for the scale of the picture. The color of your text, I learned, should often come directly from a place in your picture. For example, in last picture down on this page, the word "color" is made up of all different colors from the photo. Lastly, I learned that the font you choose to display your quote in should match directly with your image and its theme. If you have a photo of a child playing, you do not what a rigid font such as Times New Roman, just as if you have a picture of a rigid skyline, you usually would not go for a curvy font such as Comic Sans. 

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