Tuesday, March 8, 2016

David Hockney

For my group’s David Hockney cubist collage, we decided to stage our scene in the locker room, where we had our subject, Ellie, standing on the bench as well as climbing on the lockers.  We chose the locker room because we thought that having lockers surround our subject would be very cool because of the patterns made by their holes. We also chose to capture just one section of the girl’s locker room because the space was big enough but not massive. We were attracted to the symmetric nature of the area, which we believe lessened the busyness of our poster and made it easier to understand. I think that we were successful in creating this scene because you can clearly see the lockers, ceiling, floor, bench, and Ellie, but it is still put together in a very interesting and original way. I think we were also successful in combining several angles of each thing that we photographed, but the only downside to that was the lighting changed which makes the final product less uniform.

One thing I learned from this project was the history of David Hockney and the basics of Cubism. Cubism is a very unique form of art that I had never been exposed to before, so I was glad to have had the chance to not only explore cubism, but to attempt it. Another thing that I learned from the project was the importance of varying your point of view when you take photos. I have always been told to take photos from different angles and I’ve always obeyed, but this project really helped to show me how much of a difference it can truly make. Lastly, I have learned that there are ways to capture a rather basic, seemingly boring scene and make it interesting and captivating. Simply taking a picture of the locker room with Ellie posing in one spot would have been very boring, but through using Cubism, we were able to make the scene much more interesting to look at.

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