Friday, February 26, 2016

The burning house: Things to bring

Name: Olivia O'Halloran

Age: 15
Location: Yarmouth, ME
Occupation: High school student
I chose to bring photos to represent the relationships and memories I have with my family and friends. For example, the photo of my friend Margeaux and I in the wooden frame was taken a few years ago in Aruba. I treasure this image because that vacation was one of the best weeks of my life and I couldn't image my life without her and her brother Avery who is featured in the photo with the white frame.
I chose to bring my necklace because it has been passed down through my family as a symbol of support and unity between my whole family. I feel like this is an irreplaceable object and I want to pass it down to my daughter so I need to still have it around.
I chose to bring money because if I lose all of my clothes, food, school supplies, shoes, etc. I am going to need money to replace them. Also, I worked very hard to earn all of the money I have and I would not want it to be wasted or destroyed.
I would bring my phone, computer, and charger for practicality reasons such as communication and research, as we will need a place to stay without a home. I would without question grab my earbuds because music plays a very important role in my life. I am listening to music constantly and, in the face of a situation as bad as you house burning down, I think music could help me get through it.
I would bring my journal because it holds an abundance of notes, images, quotes, and more that are simply irreplaceable, as they have been added over several years.
I would bring my bracelets because, although they are replaceable, each one was given to me by a special person and they each hold special meaning. For example, I have half a heart as a "best friends" set with my friend who moved away and we switch every year so if I simply replaced it, it would not hold the memories and experiences that went along with the years she had it.

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