Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Burning House

I think that Foster Huntington's idea to photograph, as well as inspire others to photograph, the items in his house he would take with him in the event of a fire is pure genius. In the world we live in today,  materialism surrounds us in all directions. We allow ourselves to be defined by out possessions rather than out personality. The idea of capturing what you would take from your house if it was burning down challenges you to think about the value of things. And by this, I do not mean the market value, I mean how much they mean to you. In a situation where only a few items could survive, which would you treasure? Your $200 shoes or your old photo album? I also thought that it was very interesting how the chosen items differed depending on the age of the person who chose them. For example, a six year old boy named Brody decides to save little other than his favorite toys and stuffed animals, while in contrast, Brenda, a sixty year old women, chooses to bring the necessities of survival (food, money, minimal clothes, a first aid kit, matches, etc.).

If my house was burning down, here are a few things I would consider saving:
• My family
• My pets
• My photos
• My "souvenirs" from the places I have visited
• My phone and earbuds
• My camera
• My birth certificate and passport
• My ring from my friend who moved away
• My Alex and Ani's
• My Lacrosse stick
• Money

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