Monday, February 22, 2016

Composition and Simplicity

Composition (Background simple, and rule of thirds, and POV)                    

The Life of a Leaf

I am born in spring
as the snow begins to melt under the emerging sun. 
I watch the kids shuffle below me
transitioning from class to class
with tired faces
and heavy book bags
slowing their every step.
As the weather gets warmer
and school dwindles to end
children run below me
bolting away from school for the summer.

I faced summer head on
with nothing to protect me
from the blazing hot sun
but the slight breeze
that visits ever so often.
I watch as my surroundings transition
as they take on their new red wardrobe.
Fall is my favorite season.

But after fall comes winter,
where my limbs become brittle
and frost covers me from head to toe.

Suddenly I feel a hand grab me
but enough to pluck me from my home.
She hold me up
at all different angles
in front of all different things.
Shutter snap snap,
goes the camera.
I am famous.
I am a leaf.

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