Sunday, February 28, 2016

Shapes, Organic and Geometric

To continue to see things in a different way;
To continue to practice a variety of compositional strategies;
To look at and photograph geometric and organic shapes.

Behind the Bars

My fabric is held behind the bars
yearning to get out,
as it had been left in there
for no valid reason.

It has shared the cell
with my motivation
and my creativity
for several years.
Three things
unfairly imprisoned.

Sometimes it's moved,
or shifted around,
or added to 
but never used.

It craves the attention 
that it used to get. 
It misses getting cut
and sewed
and put together
and worn. 
It gave it meaning.

But times have changes,
and schedules are crammed
and the concept of 
"free time"
hardly exists anymore.

Now, my fabric is held behind the bars
yearning to get out.

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